Your Natural Beauty Starts From Healthy Skin With Bilka Face Care

Ladies, now you need to watch out because men will steal your face cream and use it! This is not a joke, because having sexy and silky soft skin is not just a feminine fantasy. Modern men now are also looking for skin care to smoothen and enhance their skin. According to Louise Gylsen from Bilka Garden, a boutique skin care retailer, half of their customers are male.

Now, note this: Bilka does not make men's skincare. Bilka makes skincare with bio-active ingredients grapes, grapeseed oil, rich in polyphenols that actively capture free radicals. The formulas have enticing aromas and fast absorbing textures.

In addition to smoothing the skin and removing scars, the most powerful ingredients are shea butter and allantoin to keep skin beautiful by moisturizing and firming it. The skin looks younger, as face and body are regenerated with the age-expert face cream and body cream. Hyaluronic acid retains water in the cells and adds to the firm fresh look of the skin, and shea butter nourishes and softens the skin while deeply penetrating it.

Bilka Skin Care.

Bilka's latest range Rosa Damascena, contains rose oil and rose water which are famous natural ingredients that make the skin beautiful and younger looking. Armed with this powerful supply of bio-active ingredients, Bilka clearly intend for results and does not leave things to chance. These treatment products are suitable for men so close your room and hide your creams girls!

The girl's secret weapon is Grape Energy Breast Firming and Enlarging Gel, a cleavage enhancing miracle with zero surgery required made with Kigelia plant extract which has been used since ancient times to enlarge breasts and male genitalia. Louise Gylsen, Bilka’s MD said that, so far five male customers have bought the breast gel for its male organs enhancing properties. It is completely safe with no hormonal ingredients involvement as with some other products on the market.

When it comes to fighting the signs of aging, black grapes Mavrud Age-Expert and Timecode face creams are a must have line of defense for both guys and girls. The myriad of active ingredients stimulates the synthesis of collagen and renovage to combat unsightly fine lines, age spots, dehydration and wrinkles.

To find out about this exclusive range of natural skin care products created from plant oils, extracts and other bio-active substances, visit the e-boutique at and browse the range of natural skin care solutions for men and women. Online purchases from the e-boutique are delivered within five working days worldwide.

Bilka Garden (Gallya Deelya LTD.)
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